5th Element Green Machine Title 5th Element Darwin Title
More bang for your buck, the 5th Element Green Machine is a brand new junior twin tip ski. Designed for beginners and intermediates, the Green Machine features a very soft flex pattern, a twin shape, and a cool boy approved graphics. The soft flex is ideal for kids because it allows them to initiate their turns easier. W ith a quick transition time between turns and a smooth feel under the foot, the Green Machine will be a blast for kids to explore the slopes on. If your little daredevil wants to get adventurous in the park, the twin shape is perfectly designed to do so The 5th Element Stealth Jr. is the perfect binding for a new rider that is looking for their first setup. The Stealth Jr. binding is soft flexing so it is forgiving making it ideal for a learner. The base has a padding that provides dampening to help absorb some of the shock. The cushy ankle straps conform to your booth while remaining comfortable so you can concentrate on the shred. New to this model, a completely redesigned toe strap can be set above the toe or as a toe cap. The webbing on the toe strap allows it to conform to any boot's toe box when worn as a cap style. The highback hugs the back of your boot for supportive feel. If you want extra heel-side response, utilize the forward lean adjuster. The 5th Element Stealth Jr. binding packs a lot of punch at a value cost.
5th Element Green Machine Ski 5th Element Stealth Binding